Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Have Courage and Be Kind

I was thinking about life, karma, fairness and hard times. It’s been an ongoing thought to ponder for me over the past few years – as times haven’t been perfect, but hey – they never are. I always to try to think about my blessings and what is going well. Even though outward appearances can appear otherwise, everyone has problems and struggles – they might be different in gravity, but they are there. I recently saw Cinderella and it tied into my thoughts as of late.

One of the biggest things we HOPE in life is that if you do good, you’ll have good things happen to you and if you do bad, then there will be consequences. Life has taught me that this is true, but that sometimes it’s blurred as to what good and bad outcomes look like for each person. It might seem like they do horrible things and get good outcomes, but that might not be the case – and it might be. One of the things that I have come to find is that sometimes you do great things and you still have bad things happen. It could be bad from relationships, family, financial, work, etc. standpoints, but nothing is ever perfect. The bad tends to come in waves towards me. When things go south, it tends to be multiple things that go badly – I have to pay some insane amount of money for some mistake I could have avoided or I have to be the glue for my family or I lose a source of income. (Yes this has all happened in 2 months to me). I keep trying to do good, help others and be kind, but it gets tough. How can you keep persevering and helping others when you need help yourself?

After seeing Cinderella, I loved one of the many messages that it had (this was probably the most
overt message of the bunch). Things go bad for no reason. Sometimes you really don’t have control in it. People can be mean and cruel and it just quite frankly, sucks. Cynical outlook, huh?! Not really, it’s just the truth. HOWEVER you DO have a tiny bit of control. You have control over yourself and not losing yourself based on bad situations. You can CHOOSE to be kind. You can CHOOSE to forgive. It isn’t easy, and takes an HUGE amount inner strength (which I think Cinderella possesses ). Being able to choose to react to situations in this way takes a ton of courage. You can have the courage to choose to not let a situation define you. You can definitely learn from the bad times, but don’t let it impact your overall persona. Have the courage TO be kind, no matter the situation.